Join the Vinniva community, promote the informal education in the village and live on the Ocean coast in a colorful and fascinating country.

Project TEN Ghana was established in September 2015 in the village of Winneba, 60 k"m from capital city Accra.

Our Activity:

Young people in their twenties from Israel and the Diaspora volunteer at the TEN Center Ghana. Volunteers engage in informal education activities on a daily basis in order to enrich the local children’s learning experience. Volunteers initiate activities in three areas:

At the Books & Things Educational Center:

The Center is a product of a collaboration with local organizations. The Center operates in the afternoons and provides experiential, multidisciplinary learning, which is adapted to the various learning capabilities of the children and youth. The activities revolve around the fields of art, social games, thinking games, a mobile library, education for health, a leadership program for youth and computer sessions in order to develop personal skills and abilities among the children of today that will serve them as adults.

The Books & Things enrichment rooms operate in the mornings in four schools in the town. Volunteers join the homerooms and hold experiential and empowering activities in a variety of topics in them. Volunteers also provide knowledge and tools to the local teaching staff.

Educational-Agricultural Farm:

The farm is adjacent to the Books & Things Center and is another space for activities in collaboration with the surrounding schools. The activities and experiences on the farm serve the same purpose of imparting knowledge and skills to children and youth. Participants are exposed to initiatives from the agricultural world: Advanced irrigation systems, greenhouse agriculture, composting, recycling and environmental protection.

The Center's Directors, Coordinators and volunteers work with a team of local agents of change on developing new initiatives within existing educational spaces.

Enrichment program for volunteers:

Project TEN volunteers undergo training before and after arrival at the Center. The training is designed to prepare participants for group life, the volunteering experience, and it enables a connection to the wider global context in which the Project TEN operates. The delegation opens with a week of orientation of in-depth familiarity with the Center. During this week, the volunteers meet the local staff, get to deeply know the work, visit volunteering locations and are exposed to the local culture and lifestyle.

During the three months of volunteering, there are regular weekly meetings led by the Center's Directors and Coordinators and in collaboration with local professionals. The meetings cover various topics such as international development, education and community, Sabbath and holiday activities, language and group time. The purpose of the meetings is to process the volunteering and group life experiences, to provide tools for the professional implementation of Project TEN’s educational and ethical model, to expose the volunteers to the culture and lifestyle of the community in which they live alongside their own identity as Jews, as Israelis and citizens of the world.


Volunteers and staff share a communal house. The volunteers sleep on the top floor of the house in communal rooms (up to 4 roommates per room). The Center maintains a vegetarian kitchen with a rich menu of both local and Israeli cuisine. The living quarters is a spacious home, with a living room that serves as both a communal space and a place for workshops and gatherings, a dining room, a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. In addition, volunteers can enjoy the yard and wide lawns, from which they can overlook spectacular sunsets.

Saturdays and Holidays:

Every second weekend, participants are free to go and travel around the country. The program welcomes religious and secular participants. All activities on Saturdays and Jewish holidays are suitable for traditional observers. However, every participant is free to keep the Sabbath as they see fit.

What can be found in our vicinity?

The volunteer’s house is a 5-minute walk from the Atlantic Ocean! In the capital city of Accra, the Volta River offering unique views of quiet beaches, the fantastic canopy walkway in the rainforest of the Kakum National Park near Cape Coast, Wli waterfalls, the floating village on Lake Nzulezo located near the thick and unique bamboo forest, and the largest market in West Africa.

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