Content and Training Manager - Jerusalem, Israel

For the Jewish Agency's TEN project for Eretz Israel -
Require Content Manager and Training

The Jewish Agency's TEN project is an international development project that operates centers of activity that combine volunteering and social educational activities in several countries.
Volunteer centers reach young Israeli and Jewish people from around the world, for a period of 3 months or a short 10-day volunteer path, for a program that combines volunteering with the local population and learning in the areas of international development, social engagement, identity and activism.

Job definition:
  • Responsibility for training staff and volunteers before entering and during the position.
  • Leading the educational program in international development, education and identity
  • Accompanying project managers with regard to content and training
  • Organizational Knowledge Management - Inclusive content improvement in the corporate portal and direct management of professional libraries
  • Leads an internal project evaluation area to the area and headquarters
  • Professional background in group training and guidance
  • Experience in building and editing tutorials
  • Exploring Jewish (Classical and Modern) Sources, Zionist Sources, and Contemporary Israeli Culture
  • Exploring the arena of sustainable development in developing countries / volunteer programs
  • Familiarity with the field of young people from Israel and from around the world
  • Convenience and control of computer systems, presentations, knowledge and information retention, Webinars, Internet research, Office.
  • Communication capabilities, human relations, teamwork, and management skills
  • High-level English.
  • Adaptive work ability in a dynamic environment
  • BA
  • Advantage: Masters degree in relevant field (education, Jewish studies, social work, sustainable development, etc.).
העסקה דרך דרומה צפונה תיקון עולם בע"מ, חברת בת של הסוכנות היהודית.
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