Efrat Grunsky

Director of the TEN center Uganda

Efrat grew up in the Israeli Scouts where she continued for a full year of service before her army duties in the IDF. She has a Bachelor's degree in Social Work, specializing in Stress, Trauma and Resilience. She is socially active in various associations and the Student Union. During her studies, directed a volunteer delegation to Tanzania. Efrat brings with her a lot of experience from the therapeutic world and the field of informal education. Since August 2019, Efrat has been the Director of Project TEN in Uganda. She is responsible for the Educational Center that operates in the field alongside the continued development of new initiatives and partnership relations.

Benjamin Autowen

Education Coordinator, Uganda

Benjie has a BA in Art from Nagenda college, the International College of Art and Design situated near our center in Namulanda, Uganda. He was always passionate about social action and social change. The recurring theme in his artwork is social activism and "art-ivism". Benjie describes his work as coordinator at Project TEN. "Project TEN has opened me up to new perspectives of the world around me. Working with young people in my community, watching them play, learn and grow – that gives me reason to look forward to tomorrow. I feel I am part of a great cause and that improving the whole of society and humanity is each of our collective responsibilities".

Meira Wiesel

Education Coordinator, Uganda

Meira comes from Jerusalem and is 22 years old, she loves the beach, music, art and yoga. Meira is a project TEN alumni, she volunteered in Durban and wanted to continue with the work Project TEN does. She believes the power of a group is so strong it can help the people of that group and the surrounding community. Meira hopes that as the education coordinator in Uganda she can give from herself to her volunteers and the children she will work with. She wants to travel, meet new cultures and experience ethnicity.

Jesica Scheimberg

Director of the TEN center in Ghana

Jessica was born in Argentina and lived in Israel, Canada and Venezuela. She has a BA in International Relations and Latin American studies. She is a Group Facilitator and certified in Coaching. For three years, she managed community programs on behalf of the Jewish Agency in Venezuela. As of March 2018, she directs the TEN Center in Ghana. She accompanies and trains local teams, forming partnerships, training and guiding the coordinator and volunteer team. Jessica loves nature, enjoys music in all its forms, reading, people, conversation and society. She is a Yoga Practitioner and she sometimes teaches it as hobby.

Linoy Greenberg

Education Coordinator, Ghana

Linoy is 25 and grew up in Tzfat, she has been the education coordinator in Ghana since December 2019. During her IDF Service Linoy was an officer in the Israeli Air force. She loves volunteering and focusing on social needs, she loves building partnerships and being part of a community. Linoy loves music and the beaches of Israel. She thinks she will miss her grandmothers cooking the most, and especially her schnitzel!

Michal Grossman

Education Coordinator, Ghana

Michal is 25 years old and she grew up in Kiryat Tivon. She loves traveling, the beach, music and getting to know new cultures and new places. Michal did a year of service before her IDF service in the Jerusalem branch of the scouts. During her IDF service Michal was an officer and commanded over new recruits. She is the education coordinator in Ghana since September 2019 and believes that this experience will give her the chance to do good, learn and get to know about a different culture.

Sampson Boamah, Junior

Education and Agriculture Coordinator in Ghana

Sampson grew up in west Africa, Ghana. He has his BA degree in Agriculture and Education from the University of Education, Winneba. Sampson has been working with Project Ten for the past three years as the education and agriculture coordinator. Before joining the center in Ghana he interned for an Israeli agriculture company in Ghana. Project Ten gave Sampson the opportunity to exhibit his experience and ideas in the field and to help develop the community in which they work in. Sampson loves sports and music and is passionate about the work he does. He even speaks a little Hebrew.

Anna Fedotov

Director of Project TEN South Africa

Anna was born in the famous Jerusalem neighborhood Nachlaot and has lived around the world since then. She lived in Nepal, Greece and Russia before joining Project TEN in South Africa. Anna loves people, music and good food and loves seeing the volunteers join her at the center and enthusiastic about the work we are doing. Anna has a BA in interactive communication, a BA in archaeology and is an official yoga instructor. Oh, she also speaks 5 languages.

Inbar Zalzman

Education Coordinator, South Africa

Inbar grew up in Shoam and was a leader in the scouts, in her IDF service Inbar was a guide for handling emergency situations. She is 27 years old and has a bachelors degree in Psychology from IDC. Inbar arrived in Project TEN Durban because she wants to give to society, she loves working with people and also loves the nature in this area. She is crazy about exotic fruit and will miss her dog Asi very much. She hopes to continue to work in the field of psychology while helping disadvantaged communities.

Ki Ismail

Education and Agriculture Coordinator in South Africa

Ki says that when Project TEN first approached his family with a proposal to collaborate, he knew that this was his opportunity to make a real change by helping shape the future of education through farming in his community. Ki aims to inspire children in all areas of their lives and help them realize their full potential in order to grow up to be the best they can be.

Naamah Tzur

Co-director of the TEN Center in Kibbutz Harduf

Naama is a certified tour guide with a rich background in guided tours, educational tourism and art studies all over the country. Since 2016, she has accompanied the program in Kibbutz Harduf and the various groups with dedication and professionalism and most importantly - with a smile. She lives in Kibbutz Harduf with her partner, a Kibbutz native. Together, they raise a sweet girl, who is the lead assistant to Project TEN in Harduf.

Faiz Swead

Co-director of the TEN Center in Kibbutz Harduf

Faiz's greatest love is meeting people. One of the founders of the Project TEN at "Sha’ar LeAdam" in Harduf. He lives in Sawa'ed and is involved in various initiatives in Harduf, among them "Beit Elisha" - an initiative for treating special needs adults and "Tuvia" Boarding School for children and youth at risk. Faiz comes from a background of social work, informal education, and coexistence in settings with diverse and varied populations.

Nadav Ben Aud

Director of the TEN Center in Greece

Nadav grew up in the Jerusalem area and is involved in community development through working with youth. He was a guide at the Scouts and served as an emissary for the Jewish Agency in the United States. He holds an MA in International development via the prestige Glocal Program of the Hebrew University. He did his internship at the "Tevel BTzedek" organization in Nepal. Nadav loves people, animals and nature. He will always be happy to talk about music and cinema and get to know new places and people. He is not only the director but also one of the founders of the TEN Center in Greece.

Oded Marck

Director of the TEN center in Mitzpe Ramon

Oded, Lives in Mitzpe Ramon with his family. He has extensive experience in informal education - as a trainee, counsellor and coordinator - in a variety of frameworks in Israel and abroad. In recent years before joining project TEN Oded managed the Shabibat Ajeec youth organization - an organization operating in Arab villages in Israel. He is addicted to the desert and the Negev region.

Benjamin Eisenberg

Director of Project TEN Mexico

Benjamin was born in Mexico and made Aliya (moved to Israel) by himself when he was 16 together with the Jewish Agency "Aliya" program. After his army duty as a combat fighter and working around the world, he studied his BA in politics and sustainability. He believes in the sustainable values and joined Project TEN to promote his home country and the world to a more positive place. He loves being near the sea, Benjamin loves diving, surfing and doing yoga on the beach.

Levana Amouyal

Education Coordinator at Project TEN Mexico

Levana grew up in France and moved to Israel when she was 18. She did two years of national service before arriving to Project TEN. One year in Jerusalem and one year in Switzerland. She loves traveling, laughing, reading and eating Mexican food. She is 21 years old and started her journey with Project TEN as a volunteer, now she is the education coordinator in Mexico. She hopes to have a multi age cultural experience and learn all about life in the village from all different people she meets.